Rafia is a living example of the state of being often referred to as “loving presence.”  Professionally, this state of being tends to foster a direct brain-to-brain learning environment for empathy, heartfulness, self-compassion and vulnerability, as well as deep safety in her clients.

~Phil Del Prince, MA, LPC, LMFT, CHT, Hakomi Trainer

The interactions Rafia has had with clients, and her parallel presence with peers and associates, is embodied in part by these quotes from Thich Nhat Hanh:  “I am determined to speak truthfully – with words that inspire self-confidence, joy and hope . . . Let us share the vision and make it possible for great love to arise.”  Rafia honors herself and others through a deep sense of thoughtful care and respect.  “When we restore peace with ourselves, we have a chance to restore peace within others.”

~Ruth Possehl, MA, LPC, University of Colorado Clinical Supervisor

Rafia excels in three critical areas: 1) her compassion and ability to stay present in the face of intensity, which creates a safe and loving environment for her clients; 2) her modeling and deeply held belief in health that will invite and encourage her clients to want to change; and 3) her curiosity and willingness to engage in truth, personally and professionally.

~Joe Soma, MA, MS, LPC, CHT, Professional Mentor

Rafia is a sensitive, thoughtful, insightful, creative, confident woman.  Her decision to enter in to the healing arts and develop herself as a therapist is a natural extension of work she has done on herself, and one that is sure to be beneficial to both herself and those she works with.

~Halima Sussman, LCSW, Professional Mentor

. . .

For more information about Joyful Balance Counseling, please contact Rafia Rebeck, MEd, MA, LPC.