Joyful Balance

At a certain point in life, many of us notice that our habitual ways of being in the world are no longer serving us.  You may begin to see patterns ~ of thoughts, emotions, behaviors ~ that create suffering in your life, again and again.  “Why do I keep making the same painful choices?” you wonder.  Joyful Balance Counseling offers an invitation for those who are ready to work below the surface, who are no longer interested in staying stuck, who want to remove the obstacles that routinely impede their sense of freedom.

Joyful Balance Counseling is therapy that supports psychological, social, emotional, physiological, relational, and spiritual health and well-being.  My training as a psychotherapist, my work as an educator, as well as my commitment to spiritual practice, give me a fertile source of experience, groundedness, and insight. While I incorporate different techniques into my work with clients, depending on their individual needs and intentions for therapy, I am rooted in the Hakomi method of psychotherapy, a well-established mindfulness-based modality that invites core beliefs to the surface and gently evokes the possibility for deep transformation.

If you’d like a sense of who I am and how I work, please take a peek at this video:

Rafia Rebeck On Your Knees

I look forward to meeting you.


For more information about Joyful Balance Counseling, please contact Rafia Rebeck, MEd, MA, LPC